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Intermediate Daily Log and Assignments (redirected from Art 2 Daily Log and Assignments)

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Fall Semester 2012 Begins


Abstract Surrealism Project on the 7 Deadly Sins


Modern Urban:











FALL Semester 2011 Begins


WEEKS November 10- December 12

Ceramics is the focus of our next unit in art. We will work diligently on decorative and functional items made of clay. Examining texture, form, shape, style, themes and various techniques in clay is what our work will revolve around.

Decorative and Functional Ceramics Project(1).docx


WEEKS October 17- November 10

Printmaking is our order of the day. Arts 2 and 3 will engage in a process of Printmaking. Although the assignment sheet is the same, the Art 3 students are held to a higher quality and depth of image.  Printmaking assignment: PRINTMAKING ASSIGNMENTS- Art 2-4H(1).doc

We will work toward ending this project by November 10. This is a very involved process.


Weeks 9-26- October 12

Lyracism Project. 

We will make a class CD for listening once this project has eneded, however the use of personal ipods will end in my class when this project ends in two weeks. I expect best work from this effort.

Art 2 Lyracism f2010.doc


The Art 2 Vocabulary- Visual Arts 2 Vocabulary- 150 Word 2010.doc 



Week September 19-23, 2011

Our goal this week will be to explore current trends and popular news topics in our world. We will then take a stand for or against something of political, social or moral worthiness and create a cartoon about it.

Story Art Cartoon Project Overview Art 2.doc


Source: http://www.google.com/imgres?q=story+art+strip&hl=en&safe=active&gbv=2&tbm=isch&tbnid=3yrLlOf17RAfWM:&imgrefurl=http://koth.ie/index.php/category/comics/&docid=kDHoxPktetn6AM&w=900&h=300&ei=lzZ3Tr-eKsu1twfm4ZnDDg&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=845&vpy=275&dur=187&hovh=129&hovw=389&tx=246&ty=83&page=4&tbnh=66&tbnw=198&start=60&ndsp=18&ved=1t:429,r:11,s:60&biw=1280&bih=619


Weeks September 1-15, 2011

Personality Project. Students are paired with a person from their class and they must draw what they feel the person looks like on the inside.

Personality Project.docx  


Week of August 16-19, 2011

This is the contract and supply list: ART II Syllabus- JTG 2010.doc 

The Following Projects will begin once all students have computers: 

     Visual Arts 2 Vocabulary- 150 Word 2010.doc 

Art History Weekly Sketchbook Research Topic List.doc  


Feldman Model of Art Criticism: http://www.spsu.edu/htc/bseabolt/2001/feldmansmethod.pdf



WEEK April 4-8

Printmaking Project Overview: PRINTMAKING ASSIGNMENTS- Art 2-4H.doc

Ceramics: Decorative and Functional Ceramics Project.docx

Ideas: Decorative and Functional Ceramics Examples.docx

Study Guide: Clay Vocabulary Study Guide- b.doc


WEEK March 7- March 17

We are workingon a Lyracism project. We have no school on March 18th. Pictures are due March 23.

March 15th- Why is it important? : The Ides of March.docx

Lyracism: Art 2 Lyracism f2010.doc


WEEK February 22-March 4

Much sickness has been experienced during this period of time. Students are beginning to return to school and finalize missed and late projects. Progress reports were to go out during this time, however with the poor attendance and straggling assignments those have been postponed in this class until March 1-4.  Our enlargement painting unit will be complete the this week and all grading should be on target for this week giving a better view of student progress at this time. Reports went home Monday, February 28.


WEEK February 14-18

Our week dawns with the celebration of Valentines Day. One of the most expensive days of the year. Our class is very active in production of an enlarged photo and painting project. I am very impressed with the progress and the depth of work.


Saint Valentine

Saint Valentine was a catholic priest who got caught marrying people, so the story goes. He was thrown into jail and tried to show the Roman emperor Claudius II the ways of the Lord. In response he had his head chopped off on February 14th in 269 AD. He’s considered a martyr.  

He is the Patron Saint of affianced couples, bee keepers, engaged couples, epilepsy, fainting, greetings, happy marriages, love, lovers, plague, travelers, and young people. He is often pictured with birds and roses.


WEEK February 7-11

Painting was such fun we decided to stay in paint for a while. Our class discussed the need to develop more skill in color mixing and many expressed a desire to do another photo enlargement project. So, we boldly go. With a two week deadline and a pocket full of hope students will be expected to bring in a color photo for the purpose of enlarging and painting. We will attempt to finish this with critique on Feb 23rd.

The work should be no less than 12 x 12.


WEEK January 31- February 4

Students will finalize the color wheel project and present this to the class. Many of the works are outstanding. Intorduction to a Feldman Class model of art criticism- will establish the way in which work is criticised for this course and all future art courses.

Color Wheel Symbol Project Overview- Art 2- Color Wheel Symbol Project Overview.doc

Feldman Model of Art Criticism  http://www.spsu.edu/htc/bseabolt/2001/feldmansmethod.pdf



WEEK January 25- 28

First week of new semester. This class hit the ground running in Art. The project this week was to mix colors. The group made a color wheel by creating a symbol then arranging the symbols in a circle. Students are encouraged to use complimentary colors and complex arrangements for their color use. The project is due on Wednesday Feb 2 with full critique in a classroom forum. Use of Feldman's model of Art criticism will set the tone of the semesters work. See Feldman's Model above. Students are reminded that their contracts and supplies are due Feb 1.


My name is Travis Gentry and it is quite an honor to return to my home school to teach you art. This week will focus us on the rules, procedures and working environment of the Art Room. We will focus on getting to know one another better and how the projects will preceed for the semester. The Art Department has a contract between the three of us, you, your parents and myself that must be completed and returned. I also have a supplies list of items you will need for this class.


Spring Semester Begins January 25, 2011- My birthday! 








Fall Semester 2010 Ends


WEEK December 12-20 

More clay projects and much fun to be had in Art class this week. As we lead into the holiday time away, it is now that proper care for our clay objects becomes very important. We have begun the process of air drying our first two projects, the rattle and the mug. Most students are in the process of drying these projects properly by sitting them on the window sills. These will be ready to fire on the week we return in January. Most are currently nearing the bone dry stage this week, so we should be safe to fire. Our week will end with a clay test. Students are reminded to use the clay study guide and look carefully at the vocabulary list posted in the art room, which has been there for 3 weeks!

Again: Clay Vocabulary Study Guide- b.doc


WEEK November 22- December 9

We will be engaged in 3D work through the use of clay. Our efforts will revolve around several exciting projects that teach the principals of texture, line, shape and form. We will make lots of things to include: Clay rattles, whistle or ocarina, and a personal project called a "Prickly Seed Reliquary". Students will learn the proper method of storage, drying, kiln firing, burnishing, clean up and care for ceramic items.


Clay Assignments: December 1-17, 2010 We will fry these projects over the Christmas Holiday Break.

Decorative and Functional Ceramics Project.docx

Ideas: Decorative and Functional Ceramics Examples.docx

Study Guide: Clay Vocabulary Study Guide- b.doc


Artist Suggestions:

Henri Matisse

Pablo Picasso

Thomas Cole

Jacques-Louis David

Jackson Pollock

Georia O'Keeffe

Claude Monet 


WEEK November 1-19, 2010

We will examine a daily use item by drawing and painting our shoe. A fun project that shows the extreme need for design in our daily lives.

Art 2 Shoe Project.doc


WEEKS October 11- 29, 2010

Several weeks will be devoted to this next project. Each student is to conduct an interview of a person they are randomly paired with. They will draw the personality of that person in this project. 

Personality Project Overview:  Personality Project.docx


WEEK October 4-8, 2010

We will finalize the Lyracism Project and present it to the class in critique.  We will display the work in the school. Our next project will experiement with perception versus reality as we attempt to draw a persons personality.  Art History will be forgiven this week but we will catch up next week at the end of the week. Sketchbooks will be graded on Tuesday 10-12-10.

Here are the parameters of the project: Personality Project.docx


WEEK September 27-30, 2010

We att empt to draw a song.

Art 2 Lyracism f2010.doc  


WEEK September 20-24, 2010

Our class developed new ideas and directions from the mid-project critique and we will continue to focus on those changes and how they affect their work. We will finalze this Lyracism Project on Thursday, September 23 and will prepare to do the critique on Monday and Tuesday 9/27 & 9/28. A sign up sheet for food will be passed around for this, so students are requested to sign up for the critique.


WEEK September 13-17, 2010

We will continue to work on the Lyracism Project. Drawing a song takes time and concentration. We will have a mid-project critique and express views and ideas in an open forum this week. Designed to glean good idea from all those who participate, everyone is encouraged to be part of the event that builds a class of artwork, one project at a time. Projects are due Thursday, September 23 with critiques on Monday, September 27 and Tuesday, September 28.  


WEEK Sept. 7-Sept. 10, 2010

This week in art we present our My Summer Poster Projects. Our Art history will cover week 2. The sketchbook from last week will be due by Wednesday, and this weeks sketchbook will still be due this Friday. We start a new project this week called Lyracism.  Students are allowed to bring their ipods and ear phones to class. We will make a class CD for listening once this project has eneded, however the use of personal ipods will end in my class when this project ends in two weeks. I expect best work from this effort.

Art 2 Lyracism f2010.doc


WEEK August 30- Sept 3, 2010

Our second week of school is off to a good start. Students learned to draw in some non-conventional ways last week with the use of blind contour and the 5 perceptual drawing skills as outlined by Betty Edwards. A still life was established for Art 1 students to get more in tune with the use of these perception skills. Art 2 created drawings from an upside down perspective including line art works by famous artists as well as a group draw of flowers. This week in Art we will delve into the aesthetic qualities of a work of art and discover more of what art is as we strive to answer these two questions: "If the answer is Art; then what is the question? What is the difference between to look and to see?"


WEEK August 24-27, 2010

Welcome Art 2 Students to the Visual Arts Department. My name is Travis Gentry and it is quite an honor to return to my home school to teach you art. This week will focus us on the rules, procedures and working environment of the Art Room. We will focus on getting to know one another better and how the projects will preceed for the semester. The Art Department has a contract between the three of us, you, your parents and myself that must be completed and returned. I also have a supplies list of items you will need for this class. The cirriculum has a 150 word vocabulary which will be tested from time to time throughout the semester and a weekly project.


ART II Syllabus- JTG 2010.doc


Visual Arts 2 Vocabulary- 150 Word 2010.doc 






Young Woman with a Water Pitcher, 1662 Jan Vermeer (1632 - 1675)


WEEK March 8-11 (no school Friday, March 12)

Midterm Exam on Art Critique and evaluation will be this week. We will continue to work on the Lyracism project and present these projects in class this week. Writitng Test for Sophomores on Tuesday will push deadline to Wednesday. All students should have their music to play during thier presentation. Art History will be due on Friday, March 19 and will include weeks 9 and 10 (High Renaissance, Mannerism, Later 16th Century Italy and Late 16th Century Northern Europe)- Students are reminded that this period of time reflects the aritst by name, so all references should include the name of the work (if it has one) and by all means the artist and time period the work was created.



Romanesque Art 900- 1000 AD



Mesoamerican Artwork (Preclassic 1500 BC through classic to post-classic 1521 AD)


Maya Period- Their civilization developed an accurate calendar, which ends 12-21-2012. What do you think will happen on that day, when the calendar ends?

Olmec tree of life mesoamerica: http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_4_GwlCI0dqY/R4g5u0Y9BlI/AAAAAAAAAAM/54z9udckrok/s320/awr_se2.jpg&imgrefurl=http://x-mysteries.blogspot.com/&usg=__fRL-fEAT-ucrI5Tbn_ok97MCeLI=&h=277&w=320&sz=47&hl=en&start=6&um=1&itbs=1&tbnid=dGcSoR84CI5wcM:&tbnh=102&tbnw=118&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dmesoamerican%2Btree%2Bof%2Blife%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26safe%3Dactive%26gbv%3D2%26tbs%3Disch:1


Early Middle Ages 475-1000 AD

More historical information on middle ages: http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://bussinessmouse.googlepages.com/332px-Porphyrogenetus.jpg/332px-Porphyrogenetus-full%3Binit:.jpg&imgrefurl=http://bussinessmouse.googlepages.com/earlymiddleages&usg=__6UnqPa-AmRdD9HGBus47Vt0COi0=&h=599&w=332&sz=58&hl=en&start=19&um=1&itbs=1&tbnid=BqmCBKp7adtGDM:&tbnh=135&tbnw=75&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dearly%2Bmiddle%2Bages%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26safe%3Dactive%26gbv%3D2%26tbs%3Disch:1




Book of Kells 800ADhttp://www.news.cornell.edu/stories/Sept09/KellsAngels.html


Week February 21-26, 2010

Our week features the start of a new assignment. Lyracism has to do with a song or songs you connect with as a human. The songs tend to describe your overall mood, direction and style. This song(s) meaning in your life is an occasion to find inspiration to create an artwork that will show the world what you feel through "your" music. In this assignment and for this time frame only, I will allow students to bring and listen to their ipods in class. This project will last two weeks and will end March 5th. Our art history is very exciting for this timeframe. We examined Early Middle Age Art, Mesoamerican art, Romanesque art, Gothic, Buddist 7 Hindu developments in East Asia. Our focus is covering a large area of the world. Our next historical adventure starts the rise of individual contributions to the art world.


Recycle Man Introduction: Recycle Man Project Introduction.pptx

HA Schult " Trash People"



Van Gogh Art Criticism 


WEEK February 15-19, 2010 This week in Art we begin work on our Trash man Sculpture. We will emulate the style of artist HA Schult as we create a very interesting work designed to promote the recycling effort in our community. We will further discuss art with a purpose and the overall meaning in artwork. Students are asked to bring in materials to use with the sculpture. We will work on Feldman's Art Criticism model. To gain practice with the model we will learn more about one artist. The life of Vincent van Gogh. We will view the movie Vincent and Theo and have a roundtable discussion concerning the movie and what kinds of things happened in Vincent's life. We will also read the article Painting Emotions, which features the style of van Gogh and his role in the art world. To better prepare for a good critique at the end of the week students will engage in an exchange of question and answers concerning seven (7) specific works from van Gogh.


Power Point Slides: Slideshow of Van Gogh.ppt

Video Questions: Vincent and Theo Questions.doc

Letters between Theo and Vincent: van Gogh Letters.doc

Seminar Discussion in class resources: van Gogh Picture Handout- Socratic Seminar.doc; Van Gogh Seminar Questions Art 1-b.doc




                                                  China: Neolithic 1st Empire

The Wong Collection, 9000 BCE                                      Terra Cotta Warriors






Etruscan & Ancient Roman Art

Etruscan She Wolf 500 BC, mother of Roma founders Romulus and Remus (added cc 1500 AD)          Roman Aqueduct circe 312 BC, by Claudius





  Luminescence from the East: An Exhibition of Buddhist and Hindu Sculpture from India, China and Southeast Asia.

Ancient South Asia





Ancient Indus Valley Civilization 






 Early Christian Art 





Virgin and Child with Saints, icon  Byzantine enamel image of Jesus on the cross

Virgin and Child with Saints                                             Cover of the "Reliquary of the True Cross," c.9th Century

Byzantine Art





Buddhist Art





WEEK February 1-12, 2010

This period fo time featured only 5 school days due to snow, ice and high winds. Our Art history for this period of time covered many topics, including: Etruscan, Chinese Neolithic, South Asia, Indus Valley, Ancient Rome, Early Christian, Byzantine and Buddist Art 700 BC to 550 AD, give or take a few hundred years... Students are gaining visual literacy through the use of the internet to research images of artwork. Up until this point in history the artwork has be devoid of actual artist identity. Next week we start applying artist names to specific works.



Ancient Greece and Aegan Art                                                                                           "Mask of King Agamemnon" (c1500 BC)





WEEK January 25-29, 2010

This week features drawing someone else from the inside out. We have examined emotion, perception and reality as a topic. Our discussions have lead us to try to get to know people beyond the surface and not to judge a book by it's cover. Several people have shared personal stories about how they have been judged or perceived by others and how it hurt them. We have all seen how perception can be far from the truth. It is the artists eye that can see the inner person and attempt to communicate this inner image into a visual for all to see. Student will interview a classmate that they do not really know very well and attempt to share the inner beauty of that person. This week in Art History we focus on Aegean and Ancient Greece.


Personality Project: Personality Project.docx











WEEK January 19-22, 2010

A short week filled with many new ideas awaits us. We will examine the concept of preception versus reality. Students will complete a learner profile to help them determine more about their own individual style of learning. They will also set goals that will help them to expand into new areas where they need to build learning skills and become a better student learner. We will look at new and different ways to draw and interact with artwork as we answer the question: Is Perception Reality? This weeks Art History will focus on the Ancient Near East and Ancient Egypt.




Venus of Willendorf                                        Prehistoric Cave Paintings

Artwork of pre-history prior to written history 200,000 to 3100 BC


WEEK January 13-14, 2010

As we start a new semester in Art 2 our attention turns to getting things off to a good start. Posted here are three documents that you will want to reference for this class. Each week new ideas and projects will be posted here for your use. Sometimes I have been known to post test answers and advanced images of items that will be discussed in class so that all students in Art 2 can benefit from this site.


Sketchbook Overview (updated 1-11-10) - Sketchbook Art 2.doc

Historical Topic Week-by-Week- Art History Art 2 Weekly Sketchbook Research Topic.doc

Art 2 Course Syllabus & Parent/Student/Teacher Contract- ART II Syllabus- JTG.doc





Fall Semester Ended 1-12-10 

WEEK January 4-8

Back from Christmas break. We finalize all graded items this week and take the second quarter summary review.  The review will focus on clay, as we have been working with clay since December 7.


Study Guide for Clay: Clay Vocabulary Study Guide.doc


WEEK December 6- Exam Time

We will finish our semester in 3D Form. Our primary hands on processes will be with clay. Developing multiple projects in clay that help students gain a feel for texture, form, contrasting elements, depth and so much more. These projects are often described by former students as the most fun they have in all of High School.


Clay 4- Radial Symmetry Rattle.doc



WEEK November 30 - December 4

We are finishing printmaking this week. All final prints will be made on Wednesday. Thursday will feature student centered critiques.

Friday will be a normal sketchbook grading day. Each student is reminded that they need a 1 gallon sized ziplock storage bag by Friday, we will start a unit on 3D clay forms next week and the bag will be used each day for storage.


WEEK November 2-6 and WEEK November 9-13 

This week we start printmaking. The process and specifics of the media will be discussed, exhibited, and experienced by the students. Specific examples that show the transfer process, the safety skills, the carving process, the inking skills and the printing process will be incorporated. The printmaking project will take two weeks time and will involve well over 30 prints per student artist. It is a very exciting time in the art room as we redecorate the walls with our drying printwork. Each Friday hosts a fresh sketchbook full of new images and designs, the next is due 11-6-09. All print work will be due on Friday November 13.  Printmaking Project Overview: PRINTMAKING ASSIGNMENTS- Art 2-4H.doc


WEEK October 26-30

This week the 2 Point Cityscape will be due on Wednesday October 28. We will present these in class on the 29th along with the narritive stories created for the city. Sketchbooks will be due on Friday, October 30. Students are reminded that with this kind of specific parameters that achieving a top score is within your grasp. Many have expressed the desire for a very positive turn around in their art preformance, this is just the kind of project that can start that transition.


WEEK October 12-16, plus week of October 19-20

This week features some deadlines: We will draw all week on the Self Portrait Projects, they will be due Friday, October 16 and the class presentation and critique will be October 19 & 20. The midterm will feature vocabulary terms from the list above. Progress Reports will be handed out on Monday 10-12 and they are due back signed on Wednesday 10-14. The sketchbook is due Friday 10-16 with regular parameters. Students are reminded that the midterm combined with the make up quiz is the final midterm grade. All Art make up work is due by October 20 when the quarter ends. We will start a new project on October 19. The parapeters for the 2 Point Cityscape can be downloaded here: 2 point Perspective Cityscape Project Overview.doc


Art 2 Vocabulary: Visual Arts 2 Vocabulary- 150 Word.doc


WEEK October 5-9

The Personality Project is due Monday, October 5. The midterm Quiz will be held on Tuesday, October 6. We will start drawing facial features during class, one feature each day in preparation for a self portrait project. Each student will need a 4x6 or larger photo of themselves to draw from for this exercise. Students should have their photo use in class next week. Sketchbook is due on Friday, October 9.


WEEK September 28- October 1

This week our class is examining the perceptions of others. We learned about how people see themselves as opposed to how others see them. Many students were awakened to this reality and have a new "relaity" about how others see them. This project came from the in-class discussion and student centered Q and A that followed. The parameters of the project can be downloaded here: Personality Project.docx


WEEK September 8-11

This week we will focus on the Lyracism Project where students will draw a picture about the song of their own life. I have granted permission for students to bring and listen to their iPods and other song devices- for this one project only.

We will focus this week on the development of ideas and thumbnail sketches & design cycle.

We also recieve the vocabulary: Visual Arts 2 Vocabulary- 150 Word.doc

Here are a few artists that drew and created from real life experiences: Georgia O'Keefe and Salvador Dali







WEEK June 1-4 & EXAMS

This week we finalize and reflect on the work projects and assignments from the entire semester. As with all good things, this class must clean up the messes and come to an end. Students will be expected to bring home their artwork this week. All late work is past due and I have spoken to each student about any loose assignment work I will need to finalize their grades for the semester.

EXAM Times have been shared. All unexempt students must be in my class for the exam time- you know who you are so be here. All exempt students have a great summer and try to find something artistic to do this summer- sand castle building is a favorite of mine!


WEEK May 24-29

This week we will be working on the printmaking project. The print project is due Wednesday, June 3, 2009. The sketchbook is due Friday, May 29, 2009. Students are reminded that all make up work, as well as the projects from this week are due on Friday, May 29, 2009.


WEEK May 18-22

This week we will work on printmaking. The final print series is due on June 3, 20009 which is our last day of class. We will also have a 2nd Quarter Summary Review Test on Friday, May 22. The sketchbook is due Friday, May 29, 2009.


WEEK May 11-15

Final Clay Project due Thursday, May 14 (due to testing in the building). Thursday will also be clay and color theory review day. Monday- gave out progress reports, those will be due Friday, May 15th signed for a quiz grade. Our second quarter summary review will be held in class on Friday, May 22, 2009. Monday- gave out progress reports, those will be due Friday, May 15th signed for a quiz grade. Our second quarter summary review will be held in class on Friday, May 22, 2009.


Clay Vocabulary Study Guide.doc


WEEK May 4-8

This will be a busy week. All clay projects are due Friday May 8.


Week April 27- May 1

This week we continue to work in clay. The four clay projects ( Pinch Pot, Face Mug, Outside Slump mold and Prickly Seed Reliquary Projects) are due Friday, May 8, 2009. Project Parameter Sheets are available in class as all the work must be done in studio for these projects.


WEEK April 20- 24

Students first clay project dried over break and will now be stored for the first spring firing. During this week students will begin the process of examining the 3 remaining clay projects they will construct during their time in clay. Face Mug, Outside Slump Mold and a vision of their Prickly Seed Reliquary will begin to develop and well as additional clay building skills this week. All clay work will be due on May 9. All sketches toward projects must go into the sketchbook.


WEEK April 6- 10

Sketchbook Due 4-10-09

Wse start clay on 4-6-09! Students bring a gallon size zip lock bag, no bag, no clay!

April 10 is a early release day!


WEEK March 30-April 3

Sketchbook due 4-10-09

Worked all week on Painting projects using fruits in 5 different color combinations, plus monochrome scale and a stilllife of multiple fruit- 2 week project!

Report Cards went home Friday.


March 26, 2009 

Painting 1-7 Project Due 4-3-09

Sketchbook Project due 4-3-09

All latework from January 21- March 30 is due on March 30 no exceptions. 

Progress Reports will go home on Tuesday 3-31-09 to be signed and returned. We are officially half finished with this semester.

* Class made a deal for extended dealine of painting project- one full week- One student, who finished on-time sacrificed his week of work for art related school projects to propel us proactivly toward the next gallery show-Thanks AC!



March 25, 2009

Midterm Exam today

Painting Projects due 3-26-09 (Project sheets available in class)


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